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Meet our Community Health Workers!
These wonderful individuals help bridge the gap between the myths and facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine. Without them, we wouldn't be able to add the personal connection to our effort in getting more people to understand the facts about the vaccine and consider being vaccinated.

Meet The Team

Probartic Byest

Humphreys County

Probartic is a Certified Community Health Worker with vast experience in working in Humphreys County to facilitate communication concerning COVID-19. She was employed at the Southern Health Commission as a Community Health Worker for over nine years.


Eunikka Freeman

Bolivar County

Eunikka’s background in healthcare enhances her role working with the residents of Bolivar County to expand COVID-19 information and knowledge. Most recently, she was employed at Shaw Medical Clinic as an office assistant and phlebotomist.


Latania Dodd

Leflore County

Latania’s work with the Mississippi State Department of Health enables her community health worker role to facilitate COVID-19 efforts in Leflore County. Her experience includes working as a Regional Diabetes Coordinator and a supervisor at a personal care home.


Dianne Beasley-Spears

Sharkey & Issaquena County

Dianne’s background as a social worker allows her human services skills to reach the citizens of Sharkey and Issaquena Counties with COVID-19 information. During the last few years, she has served as a disaster case manager overseeing relief and recovery efforts in the Delta.


Richard Stevens

Tate & Tunica County

Richard’s Registered Nurse expertise as well as education background enables him to expand COVID-19 knowledge to the residents of Tate and Tunica Counties. Richard was an RN in Memphis for over 20 years including supervisory roles.


Stacey Wilson-Wells

Sunflower & Washington County

Stacy’s experience as a Community Health Worker, provides the residents of Sunflower and Washington Counties will COVID-19 facts and knowledge. She worked for over three years in Leland focusing on diabetic patients, outreach and promoting healthy lifestyles.